2014 Keith Diesel and Dirt Derby

Keith Diesel and Dirt Derby 2014

They may not move as fast a Formula 1 or look as sleek, but as any tractor pull enthusiast will tell you, it’s all grunt and just as exciting. The horsepower that has been used by countless farmers all around the world has been harnessed for sport.


Keith Diesel and Dirt Derby Fast Facts:

  • Over 5000 people from all over Australia attended the 2014 event
  • Cross media coverage
  • Almost 1000 “likes “ on Facebook site
  • Great community involvement
  • Businesses seeking naming rights

It’s called Tractor Pulling and simply means that the tractors are required to drag a weighted sled over 100 metres. The Australian founder was John Parker, who, after a visit to America in the 70’s, designed the original sled from an old flat top sheep trailer on his farm at Quambatook.

Since then the sport has grown and on the 29th March 2014, Keith in south east South Australia, hosted the eighth round of the National Australian Tractor Pullers Association Championships. This was part of the second annual Diesel and Dirt Derby which also featured lawnmower tractors, a motocross competition, a circle work competition and classic car display. Rev -head heaven!

As one letter writer to the Keith and Tatiara District Show Society, which hosted the event said, “WOW! Noise, smoke and even flames, flying dirt and scary moments added to the total excitement! What a wonderful day.”

But Keith has an event which is unique. After the action of the utes, tractors and supercharged “mowers”, for the second year, old harvesters were rounded up for the Header Demolition. Claas, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, John Deere, Laverda, Case International – they were all pitted against each other in a battle to the death. Some farmers were seen to shed a tear, as their once faithful workhorses were reduced to scrap metal. But, for most, it was all good country fun.

The smaller, but just as impressive “mowers” – one even with a V12 Rolls Royce engine- pulled the heavy sleds on the course as they do in the annual show. Many local competitors have created their own “mowers”. Some look like tractors, others are still very close to a ride on mower, but all are designed to pull a weighted sled like their bigger counterparts in the tractor pull.


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All footage courtesy of Peter Brookman Photography.