2019 Show

Keith and Tintinara District Show 2019 Saturday 12th October.

Thanks to Anna Hughes and Peter Barr who convened the Yard Dog Competition and to Anna who brought the new Dog Jumping Competition to the show this year. With its popularity, it will be back. Congratulations to all the place getters. Yard dogs ENCOURAGE
  • 1st Anna Hughes Yanven Roo
  • 2nd Cloe Barake Gus
  • 3rd Cloe Barake Skyeblue Connie
  • 1st Peter Barr Gogetta Positive
  • 2nd Darren Jenke Game on Ratbag
  • 3rd Anna Hughes Yanven Roo
  • 1st Josh Latty Kelvale Lane
  • 2nd Josh Latty Kamarooka Trigger
  • 3rd Peter Barr Gogetta Positive
IMPROVER 1st Josh Latty Kelvale Lane OPEN
  • 1st Peter Barr Barrkel Flash
  • 2nd Wayne Gelven Yanven Trevor
  • 3rd Josh Latty Kelvale Lane
  • 4th Peter Barr Barrkel Peters Poison
  • 5th Rex Hocking Washpool Kiri
  • 1st Rachael Poolman with Ralph 2.57 m
  • 2nd Andrew Mudge Wilson 2.48 m
  • 3rd Jason Crockford Rita 1.98 m